Please help us process your loan by supplying the items needed below. The sooner we receive these items, the sooner we can complete your loan approval.  Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.


1. W-2's for each borrower for the last 2 years

2. Federal Tax Returns (all pages) for each borrower for the last 2years (signed)

3. If Self Employed, will need Current Profit & Loss statement

4. Copy of Current Bank statements for all bank accounts for the last 2 months (all pages)

5. Investments Portfolio statements for the last 2 months (all pages)

6. Copy of one month's pay stubs (showing year-to-date totals) for each job

7. SSI Award Letter/Retirement award letter (if applicable)

8. Evidence of Retirement income/SS income (if applicable)

9. Rental Agreements for each rental property (if applicable)

10. Bankruptcy papers (all pages), including the discharge page (if applicable).

11. Copy of Separation and Divorce papers (all pages), including the initial filing and dissolution pages (if applicable)

12. Evidence of Child/Spousal support (6) months (if applicable) 

13. Executed Gift letter and appropriate documentation (if applicable)

14. Copy of Gift check and Deposit receipt

15. Copy of Drivers License

16. Copy of Social Security Card

17. Copy of Resident Alien Card (front & back)

18. VA Loans Only - Copy of DD-214

19. Statement of Service (for active duty personnel)

20. Certificate of Eligibility (original)

21. Landlord's name, address, and phone number

22. Signed Letter of explanation on any derogatory credit and/or inquiry items shown on credit report

23. 12 months cancelled checks for the co-signed loan (if applicable)

24. Copy of the executed purchase contract

25. Estimated net proceeds statement from the sale of your current home (if applicable)

26. Contact infromation for the Closing Attorney & Insurance Agent

27. Refinance loans - Copy of current mortgage coupon or statement, insurance policy, tax information

28. Employment gap letter (if applicable)

30. Copy of Existing Mortgage Note (FHA/VA Refinance)

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you!  We look forward to making this a wonderful experience for you and your family!

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